Are you on social media?: Yes we have twitter and instagram @ambitiousavenue

Do you have a real store:   No as of now we do not but hopefully some day in the future. But be sure to keep up with us because we will be having pop up shops!

How can i become an Ambitious Ave. promoter or model?   Dm us on instagram anyone can be a promoter Size, race, religion, # of followers, #of likes/views, and gender do not matter.

Do you guys do worldwide Shipping? We currently only ship to the United States . If you live in a country that we do not ship to please email us so we can add your country. (:

Are the shoes legit?: Yes the shoes are authentic most of the shoes are customized like the rainbow huarache's, Velvet 11's, and some of our Puma slides are also customized. If you would like to know how we get them customized email us or you may dm us.

Who is the founder/owner of Ambitious Avenue? Zanaya Pacheco is  a teen entrepreneur who made and built up this shop all on her own.

How long does shipping take: 1-2 business days and 7-21 business days if item is not in stock

how can i get an update on my order? email us shopambitiousave@gmail.com state your name and what you ordered please do not dm us about your order.

is this a legit store: Yes we are 100% legit i understand your concern due to all the scammers and fraud going on in today's society. i have put in a lot of money, time, and hard work into building my brand and my shop so that customers can have the best experience. i can guarantee you that you will recieve your order and that we arent a scam. if you check out our instagram page we post a lot of customer photos which is proof we are legit.